Behind The Brand

Behind the brand OXUM Atelier de Joalharia, there are two women, two generations, one idea, two trademarks, and many stories to tell.

Carla Mor and Idalina Costa embraced this project in late 2014 and it has been a huge and exciting challenge ever since.

Carla Mor: "The most precious pieces of jewellery are born from emotion. It fascinates me to be able to portray ideas in a concrete form; the art of expressing and provoking emotions through contemporary jewellery.”

Idalina Costa: “I believe in people’s values and in their traditions. Handcrafts are my passion.”

Believing in our values and in our traditions, we developed our first collection: Audaçias, inspired by the traditional "Minho Sweetheart Handkerchiefs" (Lenços de Namorados do Minho).

Because we want to perpetuate traditions through jewellery;  Because we want to perpetuate stories through jewellery.

By transposing our traditions, our stories, our emotions and dreams to handcrafted jewellery.

With this vision in mind, we create and develop unique handcrafted jewellery. The craftsman’s mastery guarantees the authenticity and originality of the story that brings each piece of jewellery to life.

Each story perpetuated in a single piece of jewellery gains a new meaning, a new emotion.

What inspire us?
The value of people and their traditions;
The love for craftsmanship, for jewellery and the passion for the beauty of simple lines;
The importance of spreading Portuguese tradition here and across borders.


Oxum Atelier de Joalharia is a registered trademark since August 2015 and Audaçias since April 2016.


Because OXUM is the goddess of love, gold and happiness. The mirror, her symbol, is our logo.

Maximum elegance in handcrafted jewellery!

We believe in the concepts we created: “Maximum elegance in handcrafted jewellery!” and “... so much more than jewellery, they are stories!

Everything we do is a reflection of our passion. And it is this passion that urges us to recreate stories, challenge traditions and provoke emotions.

Minho Sweetheart Handkerchiefs is a certified handicraft product, with registered trademark through Geographical Identification (GI) belonging to Adere-Minho (Certification Body).
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